Wardrobe, Makeup and Image Consultation – Why do I need this to look my best for my upcoming photo or video shoot?

If you’re like many people, you may have read the headline of this article and thought to yourself, “I know how to dress, why would I need any help?” If you’re a man, you might think, “Makeup? Really? I’m a guy, and guys don’t wear makeup. This article must be for women.”

In this article, we’re going to help men understand the importance of wardrobe, makeup, and image consultation. At Vintegreo, we include wardrobe, makeup, and image consultation in every video or business portrait session, but someday you may have to do a shoot with someone else who doesn’t provide these services, and we want you to be prepared and confident about your image.

Here are some things to avoid at your next business portrait or video shoot.

Poorly Fitting Clothing

You may be able to feel it when your clothes don’t fit you well. Unfortunately, this awkward feeling often is observable in your body language and in how you carry yourself. You don’t need this distraction when you’re trying to make a great impression.

Often times the reason a suit or other clothing doesn’t look good in a business portrait or video is because it doesn’t fit you properly. Perhaps the suit has become too small, too large, or maybe it was just poorly tailored in the first place. Without good help at a great men’s clothing store – my favorite is Heimie’s Haberdashery in St. Paul – it can be challenging to find a suit that fits you properly.

Suit prices can vary widely, but the cheapest price should never be the primary consideration. It’s vital that you select a store with a good tailor. A good tailor knows how to alter the suit off the rack so that it fits you, and so that you don’t look like an awkward middle school boy when you wear it.

 Key Point: Well-fitting clothing will help you to feel comfortable and confident.

Crooked Ties

All men who wear suits need to learn how to tie a proper knot. In the business world, a Full Windsor knot is always a great choice, but a Half Windsor will also will also suffice. It’s important that the knot is properly centered within the collar and that there’s a nice dimple below the knot. Beyond that, be sure to keep the tie centered between the lapels of the coat.

I once was directing a video production for a high-level executive from a Fortune 500 company. It turned out that we simply couldn’t adjust the knot he’d tied into something that looked great on camera. I gently asked and encouraged him to let me retie it for him, tied it into a Full Windsor, and put it back on him. He looked great, and he felt more confident in the end.

 Key Point: If the knot can’t be adjusted well, it’s a good idea to start over.

Vampire Collars

I’ve chosen to dub this wardrobe problem the “vampire collar.” I suppose you could also call it the “Dracula Collar.” I’m sure this name gives you a pretty good image of what this problem looks like.

You’ve gone out to a great store – like Heimie’s Haberdashery in St. Paul – to buy the perfect suit or sport coat. Yet, when you get your portrait back, there’s a big unsightly gap between your coat and your neck. Your business portrait photographer should have caught it, and this could have been avoided.

Next time you’re getting photographed and you don’t have an image consultant or a great photographer there with you, try this simple trick: sit on your coat tails.

 Key Point: Sitting on your coat tails not only helps pull the collar down tight to your dress shirt, but will also help avoid unsightly rumpling of the coat in the shoulders.

Unflattering Complexion

If you watch network television news, all of the men you see are wearing makeup. This is because video cameras and lighting are especially harsh and revealing. A high definition video camera sees every blemish, every wrinkle, every mole, and every freckle you have. The camera doesn’t flatter these imperfections in your complexion. It magnifies them.

When you hire Vintegreo to do a business portrait or video, our expert image consultant, Liz Zilka, will take care of these issues for you. We believe this will boost your confidence and make you look great in your business portrait or video. But what if you’re being photographed or recorded by someone else, and you don’t have Liz there to help you? Follow these two tips to ensure that your complexion looks great.

First, Liz recommends that you pick up a high quality translucent pressed powder. “I get really nervous around men with dark suits and loose powder, so I avoid it,” Liz said.

Second, shave shortly before your business portrait or video session. Liz says that the knowledge of the shadow can remain in your subconscious, and prevent you from looking or sounding your best due to that mental distraction. For the viewer of the video or business portrait, it can become a focal point and a distraction if you have a 5 o’clock shadow.

 Two Key Points:

  1. Remember to have translucent pressed powder with you for business portraits and videos.
  2. Pay attention to how quickly you typically get “5 o’clock shadow” after shaving. If you find that your shadow appears about ten hours after shaving, then you should shave a few hours before your shoot. However, if you find your shadow appears more quickly, then you may want to shave an hour or two before your shoot.


As you’ve learned today, there are many finer points to looking your best in business portraits and videos. At Vintegreo, we take care of your image so you can concentrate on telling your story and looking your best. I hope these tips help you look your best the next time you’re on camera! Let us know what you think, too. What do you like to do to make sure you look your best?

Tim Johnson is the Founder and Director of Vintegreo. Vintegreo provides business portraits, business videos, executive profile videos and business profile photos for users of LinkedIn and other web sites. The mission of Vintegreo is to provide you with a story and image that’s authentically you.