Vintegreo: Provider of Business Videos, Business Portraits, and Image Consulting

Thank you for visiting us! This is Vintegreo’s first blog entry!

Starting a new business venture is very exciting. This business is rooted in gratitude for the gifts and talents that everyone has in their professional arsenal. We will seek to bring your gifts and talents forward so that your clients and potential employers can get a better sense of who you really are.

Many of us have toiled away for countless hours revising resumes, writing and rewriting our LinkedIn profiles, and attending networking meetings that weren’t overly productive. At Vintegreo, we believe that all of those things are important, but also believe that you can save yourself some time if you give people the chance to get a preview of you are prior to meeting in person.

Have you ever gotten to “know” someone online and thought you knew them, only to find out that who you met in person was a disappointment? We’re going to seek to help you avoid that. Our hope is that we can help you make sure that you’re online brand faithfully represents who you are in person.

We think that by helping you put your best foot forward, that we can maximize your success when you’re out there in the world!

Please get in touch with us so that we can help you today! You’ll come to us as a client, and you’ll leave as a new friend.

Thank you for joining our adventure! New blog entries will be coming soon!

Tim Johnson is the Founder and Director of Vinegreo. Vintegreo provides business portraits, business videos, executive profile videos and business profile photos for users of LinkedIn and other web sites. The mission of Vintegreo is to provide you with a story and image that’s authentically you.