How a video can help you land a job.

Video is clearly a great medium to use to tell a story, but what about telling your own story with video? More and more, the expectation is out there that in addition to a resume or a LinkedIn profile, that you will create a video that tells a compelling story about who you are to your hiring manager.

I spend a good deal of time searching sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, Career Builder and others to see which employers are looking for what employees. What I’m finding from that research is that more employers are asking candidates to provide a video explaining why they’re a good fit for the advertised position.

I’ll highlight a couple of examples that I stumbled upon recently.

Gecko Hospitality is advertising for a Restaurant Manager in Minneapolis. In the last part of the ad, they ask candidates if they, “want to interview now and have the chance to showcase [their] personality and stand out above the rest?”  It goes on to instruct them to, “click on one of the links below to submit a quick video interview.” Clearly submitting a great video is going to give the candidate who does it an edge over the client who doesn’t.

Here’s another example. The Marine Retailers Association in Minneapolis is seeking a Business Development Manager. They suggest that, “if you’re so inclined, send us an optional 30 second video that explains why you’re the best candidate.” I don’t know about you, but if I really wanted that job, I would not see it as optional to submit the 30 second video!

These are just two examples among many where sharing your story with video allows people to know you in a way that is unique.

Here’s another story about the benefit of a video story on your web site. Today I met a gentlemen who owns a business called Einstein SEO. He has a video on his web site that show’s him talking about his business. He mentioned to me that when clients meet him for the first time, they talk to him like he’s a trusted friend, because they feel like they know him as a result of watching his video.

I find the same to be true when people meet me after they’ve viewed my video. The fact is that people will feel more comfortable meeting you if they’ve had the chance to get to know you ahead of time through your video story.

To further play out that scenario, imagine a client trying to choose between two service providers based on their web site. One has a nice, well-produced story where the business owner talks about why he or she is so passionate about the service they provide. The other has a site only with text and a few pictures. Which service provider are you going to choose? I think the answer to that question is clear. What do you think? How many products do you buy sight unseen? Not very many I’m guessing. So why would anyone think that someone would buy your services without seeing and hearing about who you are?

Vintegreo’s team can help you tell your story and show your image in a way that helps viewers understand that you really are as likeable as all those words on your web site.

Tim Johnson is the Founder and Director of Vintegreo. Vintegreo provides business portraits, business videos, executive profile videos and business profile photos for users of LinkedIn and other web sites. The mission of Vintegreo is to provide you with a story and image that’s authentically you.