Testimonial Videos

As you consider how to use video production to market your business or tell the world about your products, think about the last online purchase you made.

How did you decide which product you were going to buy? If you’re like a lot of people today, you may have limited your search to all the products with 4 star ratings and above. Perhaps you talked to your coworkers or perhaps you called a trusted friend. All of these are examples of how the testimonial of a satisfied customer played into the buying decision that you made.

Whether you’re in the business of selling widgets or selling a very personal service like dentistry or healthcare, a testimonial video is a great way to help potential clients understand how you can serve them.

Here at Vintegreo, we’ve helped many customers showcase their brand with testimonial videos. Recently Weddell Dentistry teamed up with Vintegreo to capture a series of testimonials from their customers. Those testimonials are featured on this page. In addition to dentists, there are many businesses that can benefit from the power of the video testimonial. Please get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you leverage your past success to earn future clients. Video is such a great way to help your customers get to know you and your business and we make it easy to capture those testimonials for you.

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