At Vintegreo, we believe in the power of telling stories. Stories are how we relate to one another, and for as long as humans have walked the face of the earth, it’s how tradition and knowledge have been passed from one generation to the next.

For many of us in the professional world, we struggle to bring our gifts and talents forward in a way that motivates others to want to get know us. We spend hours revising our resumes or updating our printed marketing materials. These mediums certainly have a place when it comes to explaining things in great detail. However, the printed word can’t convey tone or emotion the way a video can.

At Vintegreo, we’ll help you identify your professional passion so that it can shine for your potential client or employer. Posting this video on social sites such as LinkedIn will give you a professional edge. Your video will give people a sense of who you are and what it is that makes you tick in a professional context. They’ll get to know the true you.

Here’s an example of one video we created for a client. Carol Kaemmerer is passionate about helping people, and this passion comes through loud and clear in her video.

Get in touch with Vintegreo today, so that we can give you a quote! There is great value in telling your story with video.

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