Carol Kaemmerer |Executive LinkedIn Coach

Carol Kaemmerer’s marketing communications & LinkedIn savvy make your business story shine!
Kaemmerer Group needed a LinkedIn video to tell their business story.
At Vintegreo, we really enjoyed helping Carol Kaemmerer talk about her passion for clients and their business stories as the principal of Kaemmerer Group. In fact, Carol’s tag line is that her “marketing […]

Bill Mateikis | Versatile Business Executive

Bill Mateikis talks about how he’s not exclusively a lawyer and not exclusively a human resources professional. He is a fully competent and versatile business executive.

Brandon Rowberry | Growth via Innovation

Brandon Rowberry says that the work he does brings him great joy and satisfaction. It was very rewarding to help capture that joy in his video.

Paula Norbom | President, Talencio

Paula Norbom is President of Talencio and is very excited about the good that her company is doing. We helped her out with a new business portrait, as well as a video that helps viewers understand her passion for her work.