Project Description

Carol Kaemmerer’s marketing communications & LinkedIn savvy make your business story shine!

Kaemmerer Group needed a LinkedIn video to tell their business story.

At Vintegreo, we really enjoyed helping Carol Kaemmerer talk about her passion for clients and their business stories as the principal of Kaemmerer Group. In fact, Carol’s tag line is that her “marketing communications and LinkedIn savvy make your business story shine.”

Carol shines when she talks about helping people, so we were thrilled when she agreed to let us help her. We helped her by updating her business portrait, as well as creating a way for a potential client to meet her before they met in person. Many people are reluctant when it comes to meeting face to face for the first time. So when that happens, what do they do?

If they’re like most consumers today, they go to their favorite search engine and Google you, or your service. Or, perhaps in Carol’s case, they find you through a trusted colleague or perhaps with a search on LinkedIn.

What is the problem with using LinkedIn to find someone to help you?

The problem with only using LinkedIn, Google, or other text based searches is that it’s just that: text on a page.

Because we helped Carol with adding video into the mix, a potential client can hear Carol, and know that she’s passionate about how she helps people, and through watching her video, it’s clear that she would be a wonderful resource for anyone looking to write they’re LinkedIn profile.

We know that being in a video is nerve wracking. Carol will tell you that she was very apprehensive about the process of recording a promotional video. In the end, though, our team made her feel very comfortable and at ease. After all, it’s just a conversation, and you really can ignore the camera. If you need to say it over again, say it over again. We’re friends, and we’re hear to help you look and sound your best.

Tim Johnson is the Founder and Director of Vinegreo. Vintegreo provides business portraits, business videos, executive profile videos and business profile photos for users of LinkedIn and other web sites. The mission of Vintegreo is to provide you with a story and image that’s authentically you.