Liz Zilka’s calling in life is to help people look amazing on camera and off. It’s her job. It’s her life. It’s her passion.

Liz has has helped literally hundreds of people look good in front of both video and still cameras, but will tell you that that’s the easy part. The hard part of what she does is making sure that a person’s outer beauty reflects their inner beauty. When their inner beauty is brought to the surface, that’s when the real magic happens, and a person can truly feel confident and look their best.

Vintegreo is very fortunate to be able use Liz’s gifts and talents to make clients look their best. When you look your best, you can concentrate on telling your story without being distracted. After all, who wants to sit in front of a camera wondering if their tie is crooked? Or maybe we can see that blemish that popped up overnight?

Liz is also available to help you with your wardrobe prior to the shoot. She’ll get to know you so that she can help you come up with a wardrobe that reinforces your personal brand. She’ll also make sure that what you buy integrates well with what you already have in your closet. As with all of Vintegreo’s services, in the end you’ll feel like you’ve been taken care of by a trusted friend.

Sit back, relax, and tell your story. Liz has got you covered. As with all of us at Vintegreo, you’ll leave with a new friend in Liz.

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Liz Zilka
Liz ZilkaImage Consultant